Welcome to 505CWI - Your Structural Steel Inspection, Weld Inspection, and Welder Certification in Albuquerque and Las Cruses New Mexico, Chicago IL and Southbend Indiana 

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We offer Welding  Inspection,  and Welder Certifications according to applicable code requirements AWS D1.1 Structural code, AWS Light Guage code D1.3, and API 1104, ASME B31.9 pressure vessel, NDT Non destructive testing

 ISnet # 400-224576, Also API 650 and 653. 

Mobile welder certification testing


Ultra Sound thickness UTT and shearwave UT, Phases Array PA

Magnetic Partice MT, Liquid penetrent PT

Radio Graghic RT

HDPE testing, Polyethylene side bend and tensile-Impact

                               ASTM F2634- 10, ASTM F2620- 11


ASNT-TC1A RT, UT, PT, MT, VT all aspects of NDT testing

HDPE side bend testing, ASTM F2634- 10 Standard Testing Polyrthylene

Magnetic Partical Testing, ASTM E709- 08

About Us

We are a group of inspectors who follow the regulations and specifications of the

AWS   American Welding Society  

ICC    International Code Council


AISC  American Institute of Structural Contractors

ISNET # 400-224576, 


 Joined associations:

 MEA. Midwest energy Association, Gas and Oil pipline

 ACNM, Associated General Contractors of New Mexico

ASNT, American Society of non destrucve testin

AISC, American institute of strucutral contractors